Transform your organization to meet your unique business challenges

A proprietary process designed for organizations who need to improve performance

Many individual consultants serving organizations have a particular expertise that address one area of your organization. Large consultancies have a vast army of consultants and have breadth, but can’t be tailored to the unique needs of organizations. CATALYST5 is our proprietary process that blends multiple disciplines in strategy, organization development, performance improvement and change management to give organizations access to deep expertise to improve performance.

There is a time in every organization when what worked in the past doesn’t always work anymore. CATALYST5 will help you lead organizational transformation so you can thrive in today’s challenging business environment.

Organizational Transformations with CATALYST5 include the following components:

  • Drivers of Success – Analysis of your customers, competitors, market drivers to understand what it will take to be successful in today’s challenging and constantly changing business environment.
  • Strategy Development – Establishing a strategy to be successful in your market environment and developing a strategy execution plan that moves the organization forward
  • Organization Design – where structure, process, technology, and talent are aligned to execute the strategy and achieve your business goals.
  • Change Management – Engaging stakeholders to build ownership and adoption of new ways of working to improve business performance.
  • Leadership Coaching – building skills to help leaders effectively move organizations toward success

CATALYST5 is a holistic approach that will fuel momentum that drive results.

Looking for results and want to move fast?

If CATALYST5 sounds great, but you are wondering if you could skip some of these components because you want to move faster. We have some advice — you need to “go slow to go fast.” A common mistake is trying to move too fast without getting the support and involvement of key stakeholders at the beginning of your initiative. The end result is always the same – organizations getting stuck and needing to spend more time moving backward before moving forward again. This wastes the time you were hoping to save but also valuable energy. To move fast go slow, it is fastest path for those looking for meaningful results and organizational change.

It’s time to change, improve your business performance and achieve sustainable business results.

The best time to start is now. Let’s have a conversation about your unique situation and how we would tailor CATALYST5 to get the results you are looking for.

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