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Charting a New Course / New Vision / New Leader / New Direction

Has your business environment fundamentally shifted?

Charting a new course for your business requires more than vision – organizations often face two types of challenges:


Lack Alignment

There are many types of alignment issues that prevent an organization from charting and successfully heading in a new direction.

  • Alignment of leaders – leaders within your organization have different goals, agendas and perspectives on how best to move forward
  • Alignment of employeesemployees in your organization are resistant to change and do not understand, support or accept the changes that are needed to be successful in heading in the new direction.
  • Alignment of organization – the organization is not designed to support the new direction of the business

Any of these alignment issues can derail your ability to chart and move successfully in a new direction.


Old ways of thinking and working

Many times leaders and employees rely on what they have known and done in the past. Old ways of thinking can hold you back from charting a new direction for your business. Charting a new direction requires new ways of thinking and working.

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Catalyst5 is designed to address alignment issues and old ways of thinking so that you can move your organization in a new direction.

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