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Merger and/or Acquisition

When your merger has only a 30% chance of being successful you can’t afford to have hope as your merger integration strategy.

70% of all the mergers and acquisitions fail to produce any benefit for the shareholders, and over half actually destroy value (Source – Acquisition-Merger Benchmark Report). These failures are often attributed to people and organizational issues.

Do you face some of these challenges?

  • Clash of cultures, people and values – we are different and work differently
  • Lack alignment of leaders and employees toward a common direction, strategy and goals
  • Lack alignment towards a new way of working – how will we work in the future
  • Organizational pride — leaders and employees do not want to give into the other company and “lose”
  • Slow integration process that causes more harm and people leave the organization
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Catalyst5 helps you drive employee understanding and acceptance of change associated with a merger or acquisition.

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